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RAF 112 Squadron Photos 1940


K8087 Looks like a Fairy Gordon ( its not see update) possibly the one Sgt Charles John Wilson Tait, 565362, RAF 

and LAC G R McLennan, 539503, RAF, Drogue Towing Flight, nosed over on a  force landing on an  island in the Nile, Tait ok McLennan broke his wrist 14/01/40. Note the wheel spats covering the forward landing wheels not something very often seen on desert aircraft as they tended to get packed with sand and prevented the wheel from turning freely. They also had a tendency to "nose" into the sand flipping the plane over as this one is. This might have aided in this planes turning over. Also in the foreground a very large diameter rope could it have been used for drogue towing?

Sent in by Peter Izzard, Grandson of ground crew member Arthur Master


Update on above photo via RAF Commands Forum member DaveW


the a/c in the photograph is a Vildebeest IV, K8087 of 45 Squadron. It swung on landing and overturned at Ismailia 27/03/39. I suggest that the rope is laid out ready to right the a/c as it was apparently repaired and not struck off until Feb 1940




more from the internet Vickers Vildebeest IV: Vickers Type 286. 825 hp Bristol Pegasus VIII. Two-seat torpedo-bomber. Eighteen built for RAF; found unsuitable for overseas use through engine overheating


I was looking through my fathers log book (Mickey Ogden) for 1938. He flew 'J'  K8087  at Filton (where he was a test pilot for the Bristol Aeroplane Company) on 12.9.1938 for 65 minutes. It did not mention the aircraft type but by doing a search on Google came across your website which show the same aircraft on it's back, a Wildebeest  IV and the connection with Filton was the fact it was powered by a Bristol Pegasus VIII

Hope that is useful

Michael Ogden






Vickers Valentia,  KR1313 coded Z,  possibly one of the 2 Valentia used by LXX (70) Sqdn, 

 that transferred the ground crew for RAF 112 Sqdn "K" Flight, to Summit on or about 2 June 1940.

The outbreak of World War 2 found LXX Sqdn equipped with the Vickers Valentia 

in Nov 1935 until Sep 1940 and stationed at Helwan in Egypt.

Sent in by Peter Izzard, Grandson of RAF 112 Sqdn ground crew member Arthur Master


Members of "A" Flight in Greece left to right Fg Off Douglas Gordon Haig MacDonald, 42316, RAF,  Fg Off Neville "Bowks" Bowker, NCO 779035, Fg Off Ephraim Hugh "Brownie" Brown, 41777, RAF, Pilot Officer Jack Lawson "Tack" Groves, 42305, RAF,  Plt Off  Richard Alvin "Acky" Ackworth, 40486, RAF and Pilot Officer Henry Willesly "Jerry" Harrison, 40910, RAF


20 November 1940, left to right Flt Lt Richard James Abrahams, Plt Off Alfred R Costello, Plt Off Leonard Lawrence ‘Len Bartley, Fg Off R J Bennet and Sgt George Millar 'Paddy' Donaldson, Publicity photo Ackworth was on leave so is missing from the picture 20 November 1940

The Gladiator might be L7620 RT C not confirmed

Rare colour picture showing two Fiat CR.32s of 94a Squadriglia, 8o Gruppo Caccia in early 1940 at Castel Benito, Libya.

Gladiator L7619 coded in 33 Sqdn letters (reversed) TN. The letters TN where later placed before the roundel.

Also the TN letters suggest late 1939 to mid 1940 for photo dating.

At 04.30 on 29 June 1940,  Pilot Officer Jack Hamlyn,  of ‘B’ Flight, RAF 112 Sqdn, took off from Port Sudan in Gladiator L7619 to intercept enemy aircraft. Five miles south at 4500 feet he spotted an approaching Italian tri-motor 3000 feet above. He climbed and delivered a quarter attack, followed by a tail chase, by which time he had identified the machine as an SM.81. The bomber dived down to 4500 feet but after Hamlyn had fired about 1000 round from a very close range the enemy aircraft swung to starboard and exploded, falling in flames into the Red Sea. Parts of the SM.81 damaged the Gladiator's windscreen, airscrew and ring and bead sight and a large piece of piping lodged itself in the engine. Later in the day two of the crew were rescued from a coral reef just off the coast and one turned out to be the Commanding Officer of the10a Squadriglia of the 28o Gruppo B.T., Capitano Umberto Barone, the only of 12 machines to reach the target.
This was 112 Squadron's first victory in the Second World War



Gladiator K7977 in service with 87 Sqdn when photo was taken

112 Sqdn "B" Flight On Strength June 1939 Helwan, then to

To ‘K’ Flight. ( ’K’ Flight, Formed on 1 September 1940 Summit, Sudan, by re-designating ‘B’ Flight of 112 Squadron. Disbanded 1 April 1941 at Aqir, Palestine to become 250 Squadron) 

06/11/40,  K 7977 was shot down by CR.42s in the Gallabat area; F/O J. M. Hayward, "K" Flight KIA




George Walton McKeag , Service No   949125, 112 Sqdn maintenance,

Enlisted ?/ 02/40 N Africa, Greece (Yannina Aerodrome) , Crete, Cyprus,.

Commissioned to RAF Regiment 26/07/43, Standing on the Shore Line at lake Yannina.

Note the debris in the water

Photo contributed by his son Ian

Gladiator MK II / N5913, 13/03/41,  Flying Officer Edwin Thomas "Teddy" Banks, RAF 40978 ,"A" Flight

Failed to recover from dive during gunnery practice and hit Yanina lake sinking into the water, pilot KIA (‘Teddy’ Banks, courageous & quiet, already 3 or 4 victories, went up to test his guns on Jannina lake (sic), an ideal target where duck could be aimed at well away from any harm.  The lake for once was dead calm, just like a mirror, dived, leveled out, hit wheels about 300mph, turned onto back and sank in about 10 feet of water, broke neck on somersault, no effort to get out.  Buried in military cemetery full military funeral with Greek Generals etc…coldest wait ever. (From March of the Gladiators by J F Fraser)


Taken 01/03/41, Paramythia, Greece, left to right Pete Brunton, Jerry Westenra, Smithy, Bowker ?, me (Acworth)?, Browne

standing Sgt Donaldson, "Jerry Harrison in the Standby tent, Gladiator RT-Y visible in the background but serial number unknown at this time



Newspaper clipping from the Acworth collection, Flt Lt Charles Horace  "Digger" Fry, 40047, RAF, 267607 RAAF , standing far right others unknown at this time

Gladiator K7974 coded RT O with Gladiator K7969 coded  RT N in the background pilot appears to be Plt Off Leonard Lawrence ‘Len’ ( London Gazette spells 1st name Lenard) Bartley  42182  , POW Crete escaped ,originally  from Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Canada

Photo taken sometime after 1/5/40



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