I encourage anyone that  has more information (Flight Log Book entries) or photos on 112 Squadron please send an e-mail to   raf_112_sqdn@yahoo.com before the history is lost.

Other Photos That I did not have room for on other pages



Kittyhawk I circa 1941, coded N, serial not readable in this photo, Photo contributed by Chris Buzby, note the unusual eye as it appears to be looking down opposed to other aircraft eyes that are looking forward

Bombed up Kittyhawk, Photo contributed by Chris Buzby. note the propeller blade as it appears to have something written on it (NoT -----Now?) perhaps a repair sign off?

Wonderful of bombed up Kittyhawk with extended bomb primer coded F, Photo contributed by C. Buzby, the cord seen just behind the propeller might be exhaust stoppers used to keep out sand

AL225, GAT, manufacturers serial 18867, 112 SQDN On 21 Jun.1942 Fl/Lt. R. M. Leu (Australia) force landed near Sidi Azeiz and the aircraft was captured, he became POW, Photo contributed by C. Buzby

Unknown personnel by a Kittyhawk date unknown

Great photo of Kittyhawk GA H  possibly  AL 228, Photo contributed by C. Buzby

Unknown Kittyhawk Mk 1, Photo contributed by C. Buzby

Unknown Kittyhawk, Photo contributed by C. Buzby

Very early photo od a Tomahawk circa 1941 with what appears to be one of only three surviving Gladiators from Crete Photo would have to have been taken prior to 29/6/41, there is a slight possibility of the plane being Tomahawk Mk IIB, AK578 due to the teeth similarities and the eye having no pupil or another in the AK series, as seen on Photo Page 1, this photo contributed by Chris Buzby

Unknown Tomahawk with hastily applied GA code letters painted on it without a shark mouth circa early 1941, the letter behind the cockpit may suggest a "K", "Y" or "X"  but I think the plane appears a little "undressed" without the nose art, photo contributed by Chris Buzby


June 1942, Sidi Aziez, Left to right,  Plt Off Brain Anthony Fredrick Cuddon, 115619 RAFVR, 1/5/42 to 11/12/42 KIA, Flt Lt. James Arthur ( "Johnnie" or "Jimmie") Walker, Canadian serving in the RAF, 40768 , 6/6/42 to 22/7/42, posted out became CO of 250 Sqn,  KIA with 31 Sqdn 8/2/44, served in 111.603. 610. 112, 250 and 31 Sqdn, 7 Victories, from Gleichen, Alberta, Sgt.Wallace Daniel (Stalin) Hogg,420401or

748555 ?, RAAF, 14/4/42  to 21/10/42, POW see above plane ET789, GA C, Sgt N. A. Clark, 1169208 , RAFVR, 22/2/42 to 13/1/43, fate and first names unknown at this time, Pilot Officer John (Johnny) Johnson, 1111985 ?, RAF, ?/7/42  to 24/7/42, MIA, fate unknown, I have not yet confirmed this is the right service number possible POW, Sgt H G E Thomas, NZ405000, RNZAF entry date unknown to 5/9/42, POW, Warrant Officer H. G. E. Thomas; born Masterton, 25 Nov 1919; shepherd; joined RNZAF 30 Nov 1940; prisoner of war, 5 Sep 1942; safe in UK 24 Apr 1945, Flying Officer William (Babe)  MICHAEL  ( he flew  Kittyhawk named "Blonde Bombshell" ) Whitamore, 102107 , RAFVR, 13/5/42 to 20/8/43, served with ,66, 92, 112, 601 &  KIA while with 81 Sqdn.

American 8th Air Force, B24D Liberator of the 93rd Bomb Group 328 Bomb Squadron, had to land at Pachino 1st August 1943, on its return from the Ploesti raid.

George Wallace (Wally) Rutherford, Canadian, RCAF J.16548, 25/4/43 to 17/11/43,  RAF 112 Squadron pilot,  picture posed,  in the cockpit, I have no names for the B24 crew members yet.

From photo found below I think they are left to right, 2nd Lt. William Hall - Navigator, Sgt. Leigh Claflin - Gunner, Lt. Albert J Walker - Co-Pilot and Sgt. Prince A. Martin - Engineer

Following  Information from B-24 Best Web




















328 GO A 00-1


Flew the low level Ploesti mission 1 Aug 43. My Uncle Joseph Avendano (Pilot), was one of the original members of the 93rd that would survive this mission. DOGPATCH RAIDERS was in the second wave of planes that came over the target behind their Commander Addison Baker that day. This would become the most decorated mission of WWII.
Crew (Not Shown) - Sgt. Adelbert Robinson - Gunner & Sgt Mathew Workman - Radio Operator

Standing (L-R)
Sgt. Leigh Claflin - Gunner
Lt. Joe Avendano - Pilot
Lt. Albert J Walker - Co-Pilot 
2nd Lt. William Hall - Navigator
Sgt. Russell Geith - Gunner
Kneeling (L-R)
Sgt. Prince A. Martin - Engineer
Sgt. Clyde E Keeling - Bombardier
Sgt. George W. Foster - Gunner
Sgt. William Denbin - Tail Gunner
Sgt. Robert Bochek - Radio Operator
Dear Rob
 My name is Joe Avendano Duran and the Photo you posted is the aircraft that uncle piloted on a number of missions, Ploesti
being one of them. I will go over the photo for ID's but is there any chance of getting a hard copy for my records and in return I would like to send you a clean copy of the crew shot. One of the crew members in the photo is Sgt. Prince A Martin on the far right but I will have to check with some of the 93rd vets that served with the uncle at this time for other ID's.
The Ploesti Mission was my uncles 29th or 30th operational (combat) mission with the 93rd BG. which was the first B-24 group to arrive in the European theater of Operations in Sept of 1942. Half of his missions were flown in Dogpatchraiders as a lead pilot. The ship would be lost in England in Feb of 1944 at Hardwick. While training a replacement crew the ship crashed after take off with all on board being lost

Thank you for sharing this part of my uncles history with us!
Best Regards
Joe Duran

I had thought this was (FR241,GAR) 42-45922, Curtiss H87B-3 Kittyhawk Mk.III (FR241 c/n 15723) to RAF as Kittyhawk III FR241 Jul 1942. SOC Oct 31, 1943, picture taken before it received Sqdn markings, location unknown ....FR241 with major color changes is also photographed as LD-R of 250 Sudan Squadron Pilot Officer Russell flying 20 sorties in in in October 1942 Interesting to note that a photo of FR241 taken on 4 November 1942 shows a lot of paint applied to the front where the Shark Mouth of 112 Squadron would have been painted Date of transfer is not known at this time.

Now for the rest of the story

Sorry to do this to you but the aircraft shown on page 8 of the photos is not the RAF FR241.   This gets a little confusing, so please stay with me on this.

 Aircraft were pre-marked in the US with the RAF serial numbers aircraft 42-45831 being marked as FR241 (Aircraft around it were 42-45829 - FR239, 42-45830 - FR240, 42-45832 - FR242 etc.)

 For some unknown reason this aircraft was not shipped to the Middle East but sent to Alaska, and 42-45922 was remarked as FR241 and sent as a replacement aircraft.

 The clue to this is the fact that the picture shown has a chalk mark on the nose that reads K 110, which is the build number for 42-45831 not for 42-45922.

 So aircraft shown in the US with FR241 is 42-45831, aircraft shown in middle east as FR241 is 42-45922.to RAF as Kittyhawk III FR241 Jul 1942. SOC Oct 31, 1943, plane had prior service in 250 Sudan Squadron as LD R, at LG 91, Egypt, during Operation LIGHTFOOT, the first phase of the Alamein offensive FR241 is an early ‘short-tail’ Mark III with a dorsal fin.

Information from Buz



This is LD-R,  42-45922, 250 Squadron later used by RAF 112 Sqdn coded GA-R



1st Photo used with permission from




Pilot Officer Lewin Henry Curphey J7769, RCAF , fall of 1942 seated in EV339, GA A,

 note name SALLY V, after getting his first victory 1/10/42, it was the only time he flew this aircraft.

FR216 GA P 

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