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112 Sqdn beyond 1945

“The aim of the Jever Steam Laundry is to promote the irreverent camaraderie that epitomized No 122 Wing's vigorous approach to both professional excellence in the air combat interceptor role and to riotously enjoyable living at RAF Jever during the golden age of jet fighter operations.  It mainly covers the period from 1951 to 1961 when RAF Jever, in North Germany near Wilhemshaven, was an RAF base, though we have some information from both before and after those dates.  In that period, at one time or another there were 6 squadrons stationed at Jever, 2, 4, 93, 98, 112, and 118.”.


RAF 113 Squadron

No. 75 O.T.U. R.A.F. North Africa

3 Sqn RAAF

Motto: Difficultates Aspiciemus.

Meaning: We shall confront all difficulties

5 Squadron SAAF

Axis Night Fighter Claims Database

Commonwealth Biplane Information Håkans aviation page

History of the 316th Fighter Squadron 1942-1945

Briefings on Air Vice Marshal Brian A Eaton, Peter Jeffrey and Ken Watts Pilots of 112 Sqdn

Map site of some of the Landing Grounds/Bases for 112 sqdn click on locations then click The Med

Watch a Video on How To Fly the P-40

James "Stocky" Edwards 260 Sqdn RAF

British Commonwealth Air Training Museum Brandon Manitoba

R.C.A.F Participation with the 12th Bomber group U.S.A.A.F. in North Africa

P-40 Pictures

44th Fighter Sqn tribute Web Site

P-40 Warhawk Web site

Polish Pilots WWII (only in Polish)

250 Sqn Association Home Page

417 Sqn

Squadron emblem


Read a daily dairy account of 450 and 112 Sqn 1942-43

Read Brian M Thompson 3 Sqn account coving the same period

Royal Air Force Servicing Commandos

A Pattern for Joint Operations: World War II Close Air Support, North Africa

World War II, a British focus

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Australian Gold Coast Branch of the Aircrew Association

United States Public Records search Engine


The Second World War Experience Center


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