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Pilot Group Photos so far 1941 to 1943


England Circa 1943. Group portrait of pilots of RAF flying Tomahawks , 

Photo is of a 1686 Flight aircraft based at Hixon UK in 1943.   If you look at the pilots I think you'll find one from each of the commonwealth Countries (or at least of those countries on the Unit at the time).  Also take a look at what little of the Cam scheme you can see, you'll notice its very dark (i.e scheme of Green/Grey the "shark" nose art in one of its many forms. Thanks Buz for the photo information.



1686 Flight Curtis Tomahawk and crew on the runway at Hixon Military Airbase.
Built for use during the Second World War, the airbase was later used for the storage of surplus R.A.F. vehicles. 

The site is now an industrial estate.

30 November 1941, Landing ground 122, Fort Meddelena. Standing Left to Right Sgt Leu, Plt Off Duke, Fg Off (Soden on wing), Fg Off Humphereys, Sqn Ldr Morello, Flt Lt Ambrose, Plt Off Dickenson, Sgt H Burney Fg Off Westenra

Front Row Plt Off Sabourin, Plt Off Bowker, Fg Off Bartle, Sgt K.F.Carson 




January, 1942, Caldwell (Forage Cap), Sgt. William Edward Carson, Sgt Andy Taylor on wing, P/O Neville F Duke (Forage Cap), Humphreys (Forage Cap) Henry George Burney (on wing hand on exhaust), Roy Arthur Drew arm folded in front of Sgt A T Donkin wearing wedge cap behind him unknown , Rudolph Maurice Leu and Flt Lt E  Dickinson The Carson boys where brothers.

Pilots of 260 Sqdn. Left to right are: FLt Edwards, FO Fallows, PO England, PO Sheppard, FO Thornhill and fair left is F/Sgt David B. Brown, who flew Kittyhawks in No. 112 in 1942 and later Supermarine Spitfires


Tripoli, February 1943, Seated on Kittyhawks engine left to right WO WD "Canada" Brown, "Molls" Lamont, Reg Wild, Bill Money, Ken Middlemist.

Seated on the wing Geoff Garton (CO), Flt Lt Smith, "Goose" Guess, Herbie Snelgrove

Standing Gary Wright, Artie Shaw his plane had the name "Margaret painted under the cockpit FR 264 GA W, Bert Legg, Danny Saville. MacAuley. R C "Smitty" Smith., Ray Newton, Martin Barnes. Paddy Agnew. Dick DeBourke

Seated David Brown



15 march 1943, Naffitia, Tunisia, 112 Sqn Officers and NCO aircrew after claiming their 200h aerial victory. 

Back Row left to right Plt Off John Alexander Burcham, Fg Off Leonard "Len" Henry Cherry, Flt Sgt Wilfred David Brown, Flt Sgt Micheal Hugh Lamont (top), Sgt Reginald Albert Wild, Sgt John Henry "Red" McDermott.

Center Row Standing Flt Sgt  Herbert Simeon "Herbie" Snelgrove, Sgt John Trevor Hounsell, Sgt Walter Richard "Blackie" or "Dickie" Blake, Flt Lt Hill*, Flt Sgt William "Bill" Money, Flt Sgt Albert "Artie"Shaw. Sgt Stanley  Thomas Worbey, from Letchworth, Flt Sgt. Raymond H "Ray" Newton, Plt Off Harold James Martin  Barnes, WO  Clarence Lyle Shaver (above), Flt Sgt David B  "Fat" Brown, Flt Lt Alan James Fuller Erble (MO), Fg Off John Garn "Gary" Wright.....

Rear of Front Row Plt Off James Boucher "Paddy" Agnew, Fg Off Herbert  T  "Bert" Legg (Eng Off), Flt Lt Emlyn "Taffy or Yanto Evans (Adjt), Flt Off Geoffrey "Jeff" Carroll (Intelligence Officer), Flt Off Thomas "Tom" Livingstone, Sgt Kenneth Forrest  "Ken" Middlemist......

Front Row Plt Off Ray Douglas "Goose" Guess (holding "Mickey Mouse" ) Sqn Leader Geoffrey William  Garton (CO) , Flt Lt Josiah Hektos Pepper ( Tech Off), Flt Off Edward Ross, Sgt John McIver Sherman MacAuley,

( * Flt Lt Hill was from 239 Wing)                                  


                                      Source Greg Peters from Bernie Peters album, photo included: caption: “arriving at Mileni LG, North of Foggia”: 

                     L to R:  Johnnie Burcham; Doc MacKenzie; Martin Barnes (seated);  back to camera: Sgt Cocks??;  

Bernie Peters (with face  in  cup); 

 F/O Wilkinson ( called both “Old Wilkinson” &  “Letchie Wilkinson”, in Dad’s album)

 [ Thanks to Ken Cockram for identifying Bernie in this photo. ]


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