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I encourage anyone that  has more information (Flight Log Book entries) or photos on 112 Squadron please send an e-mail to before the history is lost.




Kittyhawk Mk IA circa 1942

4 January 1942 Sgt Albert Thomas Crocker, 1259818, RAFVR, crashed shortly after take off in the new Kittyhawk, he did not survive, AK582 - engine cut on take-off, crash landed Msus, Libya,

Kittyhawk Mk III Short tail FR 295, GA-G, 10 March 1943, Flt Off David Alastair Bruce, 80213, RAFVR shot down near Foum Tatahouin pilot KIA

‘The Grim Jester’

Curtis P40B Tomahawk, AK658 GA-X, 112 Squadron RAF, Libya, 1941. Note that the "Shark Mouth " has NOT been applied to this aircraft

Pilot: Flight Lieutenant Clive R.Caldwell, DSO, DFC and Bar and Polish Cross of Valour (Krzyz Walecznych)

CliveCaldwell.jpg (20708 bytes)   P40DCaldwell.jpg (17207 bytes)

S/Ldr Clive Caldwell early 1942 Kittyhawk Mk IA (P-40D)

CCJR.jpg (17272 bytes)

S/Ldr Clive Caldwell and Polish Pilot Sgt Jerzy Rózański Feb March 1942



GA-Y. AK772 taken into the Sqn in March 1942, Kittyhawk Mk I  "London Pride" (printed just above the start of the "Y")  bomb attached was flown by F/Sgt. H. G. Burney No. 112 "Shark" Sqdn. Desert Air Force Gambut, Libya lost near Bir Hakeim May 30th 1942-note the exhaust plugs to keep the sand out in first photo. The second photo was taken by Polish airmen who also flew "London Pride" Note the paint over spray on the roundel in the second photo.

Dad in centre.jpg (77172 bytes)

Chris Tunnah sent this photo of his dad Jim (in center), he was one of the men that serviced 112 Sqn aircraft throughout the war.

Chris also enclosed a photo (on American stock paper) of Fg Off J J Roney, 156137, 2/7/44 to 16/11/44 that his dad still had. Written on the back is " To Jim, Good Luck always. Roney"

Tripolitania, Libya. 15 February 1943. The 'Shark' squadron of Kittyhawk aircraft, renowned for its exploits in the desert war, is on the heels of the enemy in the great Allied advance. This is one of the 'Shark' Curtis P-40 Kittyhawk fighter bombers of No. 112 Squadron RAF. Above it, another aircraft of the Squadron comes in from a sortie. Allied fighters moved in to this captured airfield in Tripolitania very shortly after the enemy had been driven out.

Kittyhawk Mk I (A)  coded C  ET919

ET789, GA C  this plane was forced down 12th September 1942, Pilot was Sgt Hogg, aircraft was Cat II damage and towed back to the unit after combat with Ju87's and BF 109's over El Amein Kittyhawk Mark IA, ET789 ‘GA-C’, of No. 112 Squadron based at LG 91, Egypt, which force-landed at el Daba following combat with Messerschmitt Bf 109s.


Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawk  Code GA-C 

112 Sqn Kittyhawk GA C ET919, fights to be free of desert sands

27 January 1942 result of landing in a dust storm AK583 GA X having a bad day

beaufighter252sqn.jpg (17321 bytes)

Wartime colour photograph of Beaufighter 1F V8318 'F-Freddie' of No 252
                Squadron moves out at Magrun. Desert Air Force April, 1943


112 squadron, captured BF110 D-2 of 9/ZG26, 3U+LR. Gambit, January 1942, note the missing tail plane

Photo sent in by RAF 112 Sqdn member Tom Dugdill via his son Tim , good possibility it is the same plane as above with it's new RAF markings ready for "Hack" use.

Photo sent in by RAF 112 Sqdn member Tom Dugdill via his son Tim, showing that there should be some "spare parts" for the "hack" plane

Idku, Egypt, 1943. Flying Officer L.N. "Happy" Ahern, DSO DFC, and another pilot "EMU" digging in inside a tent. (Donor J.S. Archbold)

January 1942 Western Desert .No 112 Sqn RAF,  Sgt. pilots  W. Carson, on the right and K. Carson, on the left,  brothers, and center  Ed. Jackson Flight  Leader of  NO. 2 RAAF and cousin to the other two chaps. Standing in front of 112 Squadron Kittyhawk  (NEGATIVE BY D. PARER).

Brian Wright sent this picture in of RAF 112 Squadron members in front of a "Shooting Break" car with the Squadron code letters painted on the rear wing (fender). Brian states "It comes from a section of photos headed "The Retreat, Western Desert 1942". At the time he had no names to go with the 9 men nor a date when the picture was taken , with the help of Peter Wright, David J and Gerry Howe and input from Howard Phillips , the following was pieced together.

Date of the photo was determined as on or about 15/9/1942 due to service entry to 112 Sqdn and exit from 112 Sqdn. Pilots are:

Standing left to right:

  Robert G Sayle,  RCAF? or Canadian in the RAF?, 15/9/42 to 13/1/43, POW, John McIver Sherman "John"  MacCauley, 77152, RCAF, 11/8/42  to 2/7/43,  Reginald Albert "Reg"  Wild, 407884, RAAF, 1st tour of 2 with 112 Sqdn 28/8/42  to 4/9/43, Geoffrey William "Geoff" Garton, 67034  , RAF, 24/6/42 to 16/11/42, Joseph Micheal S  "Joe" Crichton, J5032, RCAF, 22/5/42  to 11/1/43, Lewin Henry "Bunny" Curphey, J 7769, RCAF, 5/7/42 to 13/1/43, KIA that date and Arthur "Artie" Shaw, RCAF, 11/8/42 to 19/2/44


Kneeling in front:

  Raymond H "Ray" Newton, 411437, RNZAF, 1st tour of 2, 25/5/42 to ?/4/43 and  John Garn "Gary" Wright, J 7233, RCAF, 10/7/42  to 15/9/42


Middle East Taxi Service?

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