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I encourage anyone that  has more information (Flight Log Book entries) or photos on 112 Squadron please send an e-mail to before the history is lost.

1943, Kittyhawk Mk III,  GA-V FR440 (42-10061 to RAF as Kittyhawk III FR440. DBR when belly landed S of Fayid after engine failed during overshoot), GA-L FR472, (Curtiss P-40K-15-CU, 42-10329 to RAF as Kittyhawk III FR472. SOC May 31, 1944)  and possibly GA-D, FR412 or GA-C, FR452 warm up for take off - Three Curtiss Kittyhawk Mark IIIs of No 112 Squadron, Royal Air Force preparing to depart from Medenine on a sortie. The pilots of FR472 `GA-L' and FR440 `GA-V', are waiting for the section leader in the farthest aircraft to move out. All three Kittyhawks display the squadron's distinctive 'shark mouth' insignia.

A Curtiss Kittyhawk Mark III , note plane code painted on the wheel knuckle, of No 112 Squadron, Royal Air Force taxiing through the scrub at Medenine (between 21 March 1943 and 3 April 1943). The ground crewman on the wing is directing the pilot, whose view ahead is hindered by the aircraft's nose while the tail is down. The aircraft displays the squadron's distinctive 'shark nose' insignia.

Air Force Review July 1943, group picture taken prior to March 10, 1943 FL R R Smith forth from left bottom row, next to him John Garn Wright , WO WD Brown far right, 

For a short period in 1942 three Harvard's were issued to 239 Wing (3 & 450 Sqdn RAAF and 112 & 250 Sqdn RAF for what was described as ‘Wing Training’. This training encompassed check-out flights for new pilots, ferrying pilots to pick up replacement aircraft and converting RAF trained “3 pointer” pilots to “wheel landings” more commonly used in US aircraft. The aircraft where painted in British desert camouflage the aircraft shown was one used in Egypt 1942.All 3 aircraft carried RAF serials, being AJ944, AJ844 and AJ845, not much more is known of the history of these aircraft, particularly after they left the Squadron. Above photo: 107 MAINTENANCE UNIT, EGYPT, 1943. FLYING OFFICER S.J. ARCHBOLD SITTING IN THE COCKPIT OF A NORTH AMERICAN AT-6 TEXAN HARVARD TRAINER AIRCRAFT. (DONOR J.S. ARCHBOLD)

GAS.jpg (44224 bytes)

Present day copy of FR870 GA-S, wheel covers are different from any photos I have seen of 112 Sqn planes

fx760museum.jpg (41905 bytes)

Museum rendition of Kittyhawk Mk IV FX 760, GA ? flown by "A" Flight Commander E Ross

Plt Off Johnny Burchem Zuara, May 1943

At Zuara (23 May 1943 to 18 July 1943)  Sqdn Ldr Garton beside his plane FR472 GA L, briefs his  Flight Commanders, Capt Saville and Lt Usher. The aircraft is Kittyhawk GA-L. FR472., The CO of No 112 Squadron, Royal Air Force and his two Flight Commanders discuss a course. Squadron Leader G W Garton holds the map; the pilot on his right is believed to be Captain E C Saville, the 'A' Flight CO and the officer on his left is thought to be Flight Lieutenant L Usher, the 'B' Flight CO.

Flt Lt Costello who has served in 112 Sqdn in the Gladiator days and whom returned for a few weeks in 1942. The monkey was "Buzz" a mascot of 

"Tiny " Cameron from 3 Sqdn RAAF

112 Sqdn Pilots E. ROSS, 115030, standing on truck right hand side (hand on hip) wearing forage cap. WO WD Brown far right with blue holster on hip

A photograph of "Marble Arch", one of Mussolini's constructions, between Benghazi, Tunisa and Tripoli, also known as Arco Philaenorum. This was a grandiose arch, spanning the coast road, which had been erected by Mussolini to mark the dividing line between the two provinces of his Libyan empire: Cyrenaica to the east, Tripolitania to the west.

SM81captured112sqdn.jpg (14306 bytes)  capturedsm81a.jpg (79579 bytes)  

SM.81, No.112 Sq RAF captured one at Castel Benito, the one flown by Flight Lieutenant Robert Rutherford (Bob) Smith -- # 40952 RCAF maybe the first one February and March 1942

SM81captured_2x.jpg (16252 bytes)

Another captured SM.81. Note Kittyhawk in background

Engine Run up Foggia Main (Football field Gino Lisa, Italy) Oct 1943

Grottagilie Italy 1943

Doc McKenzie and Burcham taken at Grottgalie 1943 note the same burned out dirigible hangers built by the British prior to the war

Grottagilie Italy 1944

 Arrived, 15 Sept 1943, Grottagilie (Italy) On arrival they where at first totally supplied by Dakota planes only After the invasion of Italy on 3 September 1943, No 239 Wing was based at Grottaglie in Southern Italy between the 17th and 19th to support the Allied attacks on the island. By October the Wing was established first at Reggio and then Foggia in southern Italy. From the two airstrips, the Wing answered a stream of calls from the Allied armies (US 5th and British 8th) for close air support missions, as well as bombing and strafing enemy supply lines.

Squadrons Fifth Birthday 17 May 1944, Photo supplied by Jon Hanreck 


Seated astride the propeller spinner: Sgt A G Rowe, 1336895, RAF

Standing tallest by the right (in the picture) wing Flt Lt E W "Peter" Crews, 120425, (Medical Officer)

Standing left to right Fg Off Robert Page, 49511, RAF (Engineering Officer) Fg Off James Osborne "Tex" Grey, J16543 , RCAF (American),  Fg Off Maurice Neville "Matt" Matthias, 119867 , RAFVR, Sgt Kenneth (Ken) Newton Cockram, 1425541, RAFVR,  Flt Sgt K S Stokes, 656779,  Sgt J.L. Jellett, 1318164, Sgt D W Grubb,1323923, RAF, Sgt G S Nordstrand, 41220, RNZAF, Flt Lt E "Taffy or Yanto" Evans, 61615 , RAF, (Adjutant ), Sgt  L W North,1682639, 2/Lt E W Dottridge, 328288V, SAAF

Kneeling behind: 2/Lt William J "Bill" Illidge, 328963V, SAAF,  2/Lt D A H Clarke, 328908V, SAAF, Lt H F Churchill (seated), 207324V, SAAF, Sgt P L Rees,930745, RAF, 2/Lt N G Sharpe, 328278V, SAAF,

Kneeling in front: Sgt Eric Tickner, 1800763, RAFVR, 2/Lt P Nuyten, 207347V, SAAF,  Sgt Jack Robert Greenaway (slightly behind), 184791, RAF,  Capt Angus E McLean, 47852V, SAAF, Sgt R D Davies, 1422019, 2/Lt H.J.Hanreck, 207359V, SAAF, Sqdn Ldr Lance Neville "Happy" Ahern, 402781, RAAF, WO Reginald  W Drown, 1190809, WO G L Hirons, 1190809,  Flt Sgt Bernard Hyland  (Bernie) Peters, A409439, RAAF,  Plt Off Norman Ernest Swinton, 401547, RAAF

Any info on the people pictured?

Link to captured planes picture source

A Caproni Ca.100, captured by No.112 Sq at Agnone, August 1943, Caproni Ca.100 I-GUAS, one of five such trainers previously used by the Catania Aero Club, Sicily, of which three went to No. 112 Sq RAF, and one each to No. 3 and No. 450 Sq RAAF. It was flown at Agnone, August-September 1943 and was used for taking maintenance personnel on joy rides

Same plane A Caproni Ca.100, captured by No.112 Sq at Agnone, August 1943

Ca311-2a.jpg (34714 bytes)

This Caproni Ca.309 Ghibli Serie VI with a forward firing 20mm cannon in the lower nose was captured by the British and seen at Brindisi on December 25, 1943.

FR509 GA R between April and July 1943, Pachino LG

Photo supplied by Buz of FR806 GA Q, ( 43-5605, SOC Mar 29, 1945)


GA-V, GA-N and GA-G,  lined up with 260 Sqdn at Pachino LG in Sicily in far background two 112 Sqdn planes prepare for take off.

Arrived, 18 July 1943 left for Brindisi, 20 Sept 1943, Pachino (Sicily),  RAF Servicing Commandos, On the 19th Kittyhawks of No. 239 Wing were looked after as they landed and the same thing was done on the following day for aircraft of the 57th Pursuit Group, United States Air Force. In both cases the aircraft were followed on the same evening by the advanced parties of their own ground crews.

African Victory Menu 14th May 1943 sent in by Reg and Camille Drown


Menu Natale 1943, sent in by Camille Drown

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